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How to Take Passionate Action

Passion is incomplete without action. If you don’t take passionate action quickly, then you will lose your fire, your desire. You should become the most action-oriented person you know. Learn to take swift and decisive action to take advantage of opportunities. 

Napoleon Hill stated in his book, ‘Think and Grow Rich”, that successful entrepreneurs made decisions quickly, and rarely changed their mind. They studied the situation, made the decision, and then developed a plan on how to take passionate action to reach their target.

Taking Action

Taking Action

The only way you can make your dreams come true is by ‘doing’. Otherwise, a dream is just a dream!

Rather than sitting around thinking and daydreaming how nice it would be “if…”, or saying ‘someday’…get busy, and write your dreams and ideas on paper. You must get the ideas out of your head and on to paper. Make a plan and go for it!

Instead of sitting around worrying about the scary “what ifs,” make the best plan you can and take passionate action to bring dreams  to life. You can tweak your plans as you go and grow…and 99% of the things you worry about will never happen if you take action.

Here are the 5 main areas in your life that you should set goals for:
  • Your Health: What kind of body do you want? How much would you like to weigh? What about your mental health? If you lose your health then everything else becomes more difficult.
  • Your Relationships: Your spouse, children, family and friends. What about your business relationship?
  • Finances: How much money do you want? How much money do you need? How will you get it?
  • Charity: What do you want to give back to society? Do you want to build a school in a poverty stricken country? Feed orphan children? What stirs your heart?
  • Your Big Dream: What is your big dream? Where do you see yourself 1 year, 5 years from now? You have to know where you are going before you can get there.

You can use these five steps as a guide to develop your plan for your future.  For more complete details and an action plan watch this exciting movie. The Abundance Factor . I think it is better than The Secret movie.

When you hit a roadblock in your plans… and you surely will.. find a way to get around it, and then take passionate action to keep the ball rolling…moving forward to your goals. Failures are stepping stones to success. If you never failed you would never know the joy of success. You are not a failure until you quit. As Dr. Norman Vincent Peale says,

“I am convinced that the fortunate individuals who achieve the most in life are invariably activated by enthusiasm.” — Norman Vincent Peale

Action adds fire to your passion! You’ll find that the more action you take to get what you want, the more passionate you feel about it.

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10 Steps to Enjoying a Passionate Life

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Living Life With a Passion


A wise man once said, “Passion is the source of our finest moments.” This is so true. Think about it for a moment. Didn’t the most exciting events in your life happen when you were living life with a passion?

Most of us, when we finished school, had big dreams and ambitions for our future. Some of us wanted to be rich and famous, or a movie star. Others dreamed of owning their own business, travelling around the world, getting married, and having a family.

Then, it seemed like life got in the way. The challenges of making a living got in the way of enjoying life, and our dreams died.

Remember the first time you fell in love? The excitement, the dreams, the plans you made together? Maybe later, you broke off the relationship with your first love. There was heartache, pain, anger, frustration. It could have been joy, love, pride, or even sadness, but the one thing in common with all of these emotions is passion.

When you add passion to your plans and ideas you become excited and inspired to bring your dreams to life. Passion helps you escape a dull, boring life, and have a ife full of joy and excitement!

 A Passion for Living

A Passion for Livingl


When you are passionate about something, you gain insight and fresh ideas to live your dream life and reach your goals.

Have you ever found yourself admiring someone because of their zest for life? Their passion shines through in everything they do! Wouldn’t you love to be the one everyone admires?

I have great news for you! You can find that same enthusiasm within you, that will inspire you to great things, if you consistently put into practice the techniques found in my  book, “10 Steps to Enjoying a Passionate Life”.with passionate action. Just enter your name and e-mail in the form on the right of the page. ——————————————————————->>>>>>>>>>

You will learn many strategies to bring your passion to life. If you will use these strategies each and every day, soon, you will begin to feel the joys of an abundant life filled with passion!

“Passion is the source of our finest moments.”~ Joss Whedon



The Abundance Factor

The Abundance Factor



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Developing a Passionate Mindset

Developing a passionate mindset takes patience and practice.. You need a positive mental attitude, you need to be consistent in practicing your daily affirmations  and stay on target  with your efforts.  The passion you need to pursue your goals and dreams will grow each day as you reach each step in your goals and plans.

If you allow second thoughts or negative feelings to linger in your mind it will kill

Conquer Fear

Conquer Fear

your passion. If you give only a half-hearted effort, you’ll still feel 100% awful if things don’t turn out the way you planned.

Now what good is that kind of attitude? Do you understand how it can kill your passion? It doesn’t even make good sense when you look at it logically, but we allow fears to do that to us sometime. Fears don’t always make sense, do they?

When you’re developing a passionate mind set, you’ll find that you most often get what you expect. If you don’t expect much, or, you expect great things, that’s the way events in your life usually turn out. An optimistic attitude leads you in the right direction to accomplish the things you want and helps you reach your goals.

Even when you hit a roadblock, (and, I guarantee that you will) , if you’re optimistic, you will be able to see the silver lining and find a workable solution. Being optimistic keeps you running at peak performance, as you build your dreams..

With optimism, you can find the opportunities in your challenges. When life hands you lemons, you can make lemonade – and like it!


Here are the basic steps in developing a passionate mind set:

  • Use  positive self-talk and affirmations to replace negative thoughts with optimistic ones.
  • Meditate/pray daily to visualize the life you desire and inspire  yourself toward action.
  • Ask yourself: Why not? What if it does work? How can I make this possible?

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

~ Albert Einstein

Give it All You’ve Got


When you put your best efforts into any endeavor, it’s hard not to create some passion. If you’re going to do something, don’t do it half-hearted. Give it all you’ve got…110%.   Stay excited! Develop the plan, calculate the risk, and go for it!!

Letting your passion shine through in all your actions makes everything you do in your life worthwhile, whether it’s washing the dishes or writing a symphony.

     Dream Big Dreams

                           Dream Big Dreams

Allow yourself the sheer joy of total enjoyment in what you’re doing.

Work like you don’t need money, Love like you’ve never been hurt, And dance like no one’s watching.”

~ Old Irish Proverb


Use these strategies to help you boost your passion:

Your Priorities-The Things That are Important – When you know beyond a shadow of a doubt what’s most important to you, you will quickly learn how to make the right choices and decisions with confidence. Choose the option which is best suited to your higher priority and you’ll be eager to give it all you’ve got with your decision.

Simplify Your Life – Include in your schedule only those things which are important to you. All of us have those annoying habits that we need to delete from our lives that hinder our progress. We need to get rid of them.

Have Clear Goals – Develop a well written plan of exactly what you want and how you’re going to get it. Break down your goals into bite size pieces and focus on finishing one step at a time. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Reward yourself as you achieve each step, because you’re one step closer to your ultimate goal. This will inspire you to build momentum.

Self Belief – Nothing else will help you go full-force like faith in yourself. The first three points above will help you increase your confidence. Allow yourself the pleasure of believing in your abilities. Develop an ‘I can do it’ attitude, and you will find the passion you need to accomplish great things! It will become easier for you to give it all you’ve got…to live an exciting, passionate life and reach your life goals.

I struggled several months to make money online before I saw any results. I vividly remember the first $100 I made online! It was just what I needed to give me the confidence to believe I could do it again and again. You can do it too!

“What one has, one ought to use; and whatever he does, he should do with all his might.”

~ Cicero


How to Be Alive Now


How to be Alive Now!

It is a sad fact, but many people never learn how to really live, how to be alive now! We worry about the past, or worry about the future. We get so caught up in the struggle of making a living and planning for the future that we never learn how to enjoy life.

Be Alive Now!

Be Alive Now!

Here are a few simple steps that will help you learn how to be alive now and bring your life into focus. How can you get there, if you don’t know where you are going?

Let your senses (hear, see, smell, taste, touch) come alive! Let’s take a short break and do this exercise now.  I want you to get a pencil or pen, and a notepad.

Please don’t rush this step. It is very important in helping you understand the rest of the steps. We learn the most from the simple things in life. ‘Take time to stop and smell the roses.’ Learn to focus on what you are doing now.

Take only one minute for each step. Ex: ‘Close your eyes and listen to what you hear, then write it down.’ Did the dog bark, a car go by, the baby cry,…?

  1. Enjoy Hearing– One minute-what do you hear? Write it down. I remember when I was teaching these lessons to some young Vietnamese English students. One child spoke up with excitement in her voice and with big, shining, dark eyes,  exclaimed, “I hear my heart.”  What did you hear?
  1. Enjoy Seeing– One minute- what do you see? Write it down. Enjoy seeing )all the beauty you are surrounded by.  Its a big, wide, wonderful world.
  1. Enjoy Smelling– One minute- what do you smell? Write it down. Do you smell the flowers, the food, the rain, etc.  About 50 years ago I walked to work every day. I had to pass the railroad yards where there was always a strong smell of propane gas. To this day, when I smell propane gas, I remember that walk to work.
  1. Enjoy Tasting– One minute- what do you taste?- Write it down. Most people are in such a rush and so stressed that they eat too fast. You would be better off to skip a meal than to rush through it. Chew your food well. Feel the texture, enjoy the taste. Relax a few minutes and give the food time to digest.
  1. Enjoy Touching– One minute- How does it feel? Write it down. The human touch can evoke many emotions. Don’t shy away from touching your child, your spouse, your friends. A smile and a gentle touch on the shoulder, a kind handshake, or a hug may change someones life.

You’re never too busy to let these wonderful moments slip by unnoticed!

Learn how to be alive now! Grasp the opportunity of this moment. Be aware of your surroundings. Focus on NOW! Opportunities are all around you, each and every day. Keep your mind open to opportunities that can benefit you, and take advantage of them while they’re right there in front of you. Always have a notepad, smart phone, etc. handy to jot down ideas that come to you each day.

When distracting thoughts try to take you away from the present…this very moment, regain your focus by consciously asking yourself these questions:


  1. Where am I? (Here)
  1. What time is it? (Now)
  1. What am I thinking about? (Only what I’m doing this moment)

These questions will help you put your worries and distractions aside. If necessary, tell yourself that you’ll simply think about them at another time, but not right now. If you do this often enough, you’ll find that it becomes easier and easier to keep your focus on this moment.

Have questions? Need help?  Contact me HERE.

Focus on NOW!

One of the best ways to fill your life with passion is to focus on now! Live in the present moment. When you are aware of your surroundings, and living in the here and now, amazing things begin to happen.

The Past and the Future are Irrelevant – Immerse yourself in the here and now. You may have been poor, an orphan, a beggar, a burglar, or …It doesn’t

smart goal setting, focusing in the here and now

Focus on Now

matter.That is in the past. Learn from your experiences. Then BURY IT! FORGET IT! LET IT DIE! If you continue to dwell in the past, that is where you will stay in your personal life, and your business. Focus on now

When you really think about it, there is no past. It is only in your memory…just some thoughts and ideas you have in your head. You cannot go back to yesterday and change a thing. Remember the good times and fond memories. Let the bad times be lessons learned. But, why let your mind dwell there?

Worries are forgotten when you immerse yourself in the here and now, the what if’s won’t… and don’t matter.

Distractions are Pushed Aside – You achieve total focus on what you are doing when you immerse yourself in the here and now. Once you have developed your plans and set your goals, then you have freedom to stay focused on the daily steps to reach your target.

You (take giant steps) Catapult Yourself Toward Your Goals – When you immerse yourself in the here and now and focus on now, the present, you will be amazed at how fast you progress.

Your Life Journey Will become a Parade of Happy, Passionate Moments When you immerse yourself in the here and now, you will find that the challenges of life will become but stepping stones to your success.

Living with total focus on the moment will take some practice because it’s a different mindset than you may be used to. But, I have confidence in you. You can do it! Practice makes perfect! You can learn how to focus on now. If you need help CONTACT ME.




‘The Peaceful Warrior’

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” ~ Lou Holtz



10 Steps to Enjoying a Passionate Life

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