How to be Alive Now!

It is a sad fact, but many people never learn how to really live, how to be alive now! We worry about the past, or worry about the future. We get so caught up in the struggle of making a living and planning for the future that we never learn how to enjoy life.

Be Alive Now!

Be Alive Now!

Here are a few simple steps that will help you learn how to be alive now and bring your life into focus. How can you get there, if you don’t know where you are going?

Let your senses (hear, see, smell, taste, touch) come alive! Let’s take a short break and do this exercise now.  I want you to get a pencil or pen, and a notepad.

Please don’t rush this step. It is very important in helping you understand the rest of the steps. We learn the most from the simple things in life. ‘Take time to stop and smell the roses.’ Learn to focus on what you are doing now.

Take only one minute for each step. Ex: ‘Close your eyes and listen to what you hear, then write it down.’ Did the dog bark, a car go by, the baby cry,…?

  1. Enjoy Hearing– One minute-what do you hear? Write it down. I remember when I was teaching these lessons to some young Vietnamese English students. One child spoke up with excitement in her voice and with big, shining, dark eyes,  exclaimed, “I hear my heart.”  What did you hear?
  1. Enjoy Seeing– One minute- what do you see? Write it down. Enjoy seeing )all the beauty you are surrounded by.  Its a big, wide, wonderful world.
  1. Enjoy Smelling– One minute- what do you smell? Write it down. Do you smell the flowers, the food, the rain, etc.  About 50 years ago I walked to work every day. I had to pass the railroad yards where there was always a strong smell of propane gas. To this day, when I smell propane gas, I remember that walk to work.
  1. Enjoy Tasting– One minute- what do you taste?- Write it down. Most people are in such a rush and so stressed that they eat too fast. You would be better off to skip a meal than to rush through it. Chew your food well. Feel the texture, enjoy the taste. Relax a few minutes and give the food time to digest.
  1. Enjoy Touching– One minute- How does it feel? Write it down. The human touch can evoke many emotions. Don’t shy away from touching your child, your spouse, your friends. A smile and a gentle touch on the shoulder, a kind handshake, or a hug may change someones life.

You’re never too busy to let these wonderful moments slip by unnoticed!

Learn how to be alive now! Grasp the opportunity of this moment. Be aware of your surroundings. Focus on NOW! Opportunities are all around you, each and every day. Keep your mind open to opportunities that can benefit you, and take advantage of them while they’re right there in front of you. Always have a notepad, smart phone, etc. handy to jot down ideas that come to you each day.

When distracting thoughts try to take you away from the present…this very moment, regain your focus by consciously asking yourself these questions:


  1. Where am I? (Here)
  1. What time is it? (Now)
  1. What am I thinking about? (Only what I’m doing this moment)

These questions will help you put your worries and distractions aside. If necessary, tell yourself that you’ll simply think about them at another time, but not right now. If you do this often enough, you’ll find that it becomes easier and easier to keep your focus on this moment.

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