Musing Over a Muse


Musing Over a Muse

Muse – As a verb, to muse is to consider something thoughtfully. As a noun, it means a person — especially a woman — who is a source of artistic inspiration.

Each one is different…beautiful children, cute little girls, handsome young men. The old men with their deep set eyes and weathered skin that covers a lifetime of wisdom. They share their life with you for a few moments of time as you try to capture that fleeting moment in your camera.

Then there are the gorgeous, shapely, models with their alluring eyes, kissable lips, and long flowing hair that gives you that ‘perfect’ shot you were looking for to go on the cover of the magazine, or, that will make your client happy.


The life of an artist, writer, photographer is something most people do not understand. You enjoy it all; the ideas, the planning, the crazy schedule, the joy of the hard work and pleasure of seeing your creation come to life.

What keeps you going? Who inspires you? Name the thing that keeps your art from becoming ho hum, boring, and just a routine? What is the fuel that lights the fire…the thing that keeps the passion alive.

Musing Over a Muse (my source of inspiration)…

Many of the people I have photographed in my life are forgotten, or just a pleasant memory,and sad to say, a few bad memories. From the dozens of models, young and old, men and women… 4 or 5 became my muse, my inspiration, the fire in my passion for creating beautiful photos of beautiful people.

They are still very close friends today…

MY MUSE- She looked beautiful in the white wedding dress, and the poses and ideas flowed smoothly and quickly. Soon, the afternoon was gone and it was time to call it a day, pack up the camera and equipment, and go home.

But, I knew I had to work with this girl again.

She later invited me to her friends wedding. Before the ceremony began we were in the lobby of the wedding hall doing a few shots around the white piano and  on the white leather sofa. Suddenly it happened!

I don’t know how to explain it, and you will not understand unless you have experienced it, but, our spirits connected. There was that rush of energy, that fire that inspires me to do my best, that floods my mind with new ideas, new photo concepts, that sometime keeps me awake at night.

If I am looking for new concepts or photo projects they are only a phone call away

Musing Over a Muse Never Gets Old

Thousands of photos and thousands of miles have come and gone. Traveling here, flying there to do photos together, but, it is always a new experience every time she steps in front of my camera,  I still feel the energy, the inspiration, that happened many months ago.

She is married to a good man, and I might say a very understanding man, that still allows us to do photo projects together.

There are times that I go to sleep at night still musing over a muse.








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